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Printec at Namirial Partner Day Campus 2024: A Hub of innovation and collaboration in Athens

Jun 4, 2024 10:58:48 AM

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Namirial hosted its Partner Campus in Athens in May, a two-day event that brought together partners and customers from 25 countries. This two-day workshop was filled with presentations, designed to help partners expand their knowledge in business development, sales, and the integration of Namirial products into their solution portfolios. Colleagues from Printec Greece, Cyprus, and Bulgaria joined this gathering and delved into the latest trends and developments in the digital landscape presented by Namirial.

The event provided an opportunity for all partners and customers to meet Namirial's representatives and gain firsthand insights into current trends and future directions in digital signatures and related technologies. Presentation of best practices was also part of this year's agenda, with customers from various industries such as banking, insurance, utilities, travel, and services participating in the event and sharing their experiences with Namirial solutions.

Closely following the latest regulatory requirements, there was a detailed reference to both eIDAS2 (European Digital Identity framework) and the AI Act. Namirial showcased how they monitor all relevant developments, adjust their procedures and solutions, and remain steadfast in their commitment to meet compliance.


Among the customers who shared case studies detailing their digital transformation journeys were representatives from Printec's clients: the Bank of Cyprus and its insurance companies in Cyprus, Alpha Bank in Greece, and Sofiyska Voda (Veolia) in Bulgaria. These success stories highlighted Printec's pivotal role in their digital adoption.

Apart from key presentations and customer cases, Namirial hosted a Solution Expo alongside the conference for the first time. This provided partners with a unique opportunity to experience their solutions firsthand through interactive demo points. The expo was a chance to engage directly with solution experts and discover how Namirial's offerings can be tailored to meet both current and prospective customer needs. The lab covered various domains, including Identity Solutions (Onboarding & PKI with SafeAccess), Signature Solutions (eSignAnyWhere and signature capturing devices), and Document Solutions (Archive & Certified Communications). Participants also had the chance to test the latest hardware for both tokens supporting PKI solutions and forensically verifiable capture of handwritten signatures.

Event Highlights

The event was filled with highlights showcasing Namirial's innovative edge and leadership in the industry. Namirial has developed an end-to-end solution portfolio that spans from identity to signature to document management, addressing the entire Digital Transaction Management (DTM) value chain. This positions Namirial as the only EU player among leaders in digital trust services, a testament to their commitment to security and trust in digital interactions.


Namirial's portfolio becomes broader every year, introducing new solutions such as Certified Communications and Passwordless access, or acquiring other vendors like Netheos (2021), Evicertia, Bit4ID, Agenzia Trotta (2022), and Unimatica (2023). They have created an organization with over 900 employees, a presence in more than 85 countries (including local offices in 17 countries), and a network of over 1000 partners, with more than 170 strategic partners. Namirial is driven by its mission to transform compliance-critical transactions into digital, frictionless, trusted processes, and its ambition to address the entire Digital Transaction Management value chain through an end-to-end value proposition focusing on critical use cases.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of Namirial's advancements, with the potential to make Digital Transaction Management even more secure, trustful, and user-friendly, evolving into what they call Intelligent Trust Services. AI-driven audit trails present significant opportunities beyond document management, including innovative applications like fraud prevention and intelligent assistance within the signature process. New AI features include language-switching summarization, an intelligent assistant, and enhanced fraud prevention measures.

Another important development is the integration of deepfake detection in onboarding solutions, which addresses the rising threat of digital impersonation. Namirial’s commitment to security extends to their comprehensive modules within Namirial Archive, encompassing Document Management Systems (DMS), Business Process Management (BPM), Long-Term Archiving (LTA), and E-delivery solutions. Furthermore, Namirial assured participants that handwritten signatures remain a robust and undetachable part of the digital signing process, reinforcing the importance of traditional methods within modern digital frameworks.

The significance of trust in digital interactions cannot be overstated, especially as Namirial explores the expanding use cases of the EU digital wallet for applications like National ID, diplomas, and payments. This focus on trust, security, and user-friendliness ensures that Namirial remains at the cutting edge of digital trust services, continuously evolving to meet the needs of a global audience.

Namirial's Partner Day Campus in Athens was a great success, highlighting the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and adaptation in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As we look forward to more such enriching events, the focus remains on building trust, enhancing security, and simplifying digital transactions for a global audience.



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