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Highlights from the “Let's Do E-commerce: Beyond Boundaries” Conference in Sarajevo

May 20, 2024 12:55:54 PM


On April 25th  2024, the city of Sarajevo became the center of digital innovation as the second edition of the "Let's Do E-commerce:Beyond Boundaries" conference, powered by the Association for Internet Trade "eComm" of Bosnia and Herzegovina, took place. The event aimed to push the limits of digital commerce, and Printec contributed to the sphere of digital transformation as a bronze partner.

Founded in October 2021, the Association for Internet Commerce "eComm" emerged as a driving force of change in Bosnia and Herzegovina's e-commerce landscape with a mission to elevate standards, foster innovation, and align local practices with global trends. With support from the Swiss Government-funded project "MarketMakers," eComm quickly gained momentum, boasting 54 members, including Printec BH, united in their dedication to revolutionizing online commerce.


We took interactive engagement to the next level by featuring a fully operational vending machine, seamlessly integrated with an unattended POS system. This innovative setup showcased the practicality and efficiency of our solutions in real time. Attendees were invited to experience the integration firsthand, tapping their cards at the unattended POS to select and retrieve Printec promo materials, including pens, lanyards, and keyholders, from the vending machine.

This hands-on interaction not only provided participants with a tangible experience but also demonstrated the ease and convenience of our solution. Visitors had the opportunity to engage with our team, learn more about Printec's offerings, and explore our range of products, including Castles and Verifone POS devices. This experience fostered meaningful conversations and connections, allowing attendees to gain deeper insights into our solutions and their potential impact on their businesses.


Among insightful presentations and dynamic panel discussions, our colleague, Adrijan Rakic, took the stage to delve into the evolving landscape of payment trends and new technologies in a panel discussion. Alongside representatives from NLB Banka, Mastercard, and Pošta Srpske, Adrijan shared invaluable insights gleaned from local, regional, and European markets, emphasizing the importance of enhancing user experiences, combating cyber threats, and harnessing AI to drive commerce forward.

The conference served as a platform for knowledge exchange, bringing together diverse perspectives, conversations, and collaborations that will shape the future of e-commerce in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.



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