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Printec Greece recognized as a Great Place To Work

Dec 4, 2023 11:52:57 AM

printec great place to work

We're excited to announce that Printec has been recognized as a "Great Place To Work" in the 2023 list of distinguished companies in July 2023. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing the best working conditions for our incredible team.

The heartbeat of Printec: our people

What sets Printec apart is the unique way the "Great Place To Work" certification is earned;  it's our employees who shape the result. An outstanding 80% of our team participated in the evaluation, answering 60 questions exploring crucial dimensions: reliability, respect, justice, pride, and team spirit.

87% of our employees believe Printec is a great place to work, with 89% and 88% praising our teamwork and culture of respect. The numbers speak volumes about the positive work environment we've built together.

#OnePrintec: More than just a hashtag

#OnePrintec is the working spirit that prevails among people and that the company supports in every way. Without boundaries between different departments, Printec embraces diversity in practice and is committed to promoting gender equality practices and initiatives, while also significantly supporting work-life balance. This was also guaranteed in practice with the acquisition of the SHARE Equality Label that Printec received in March 2022.

At the same time, the distinction is also confirmed by the employees themselves, 93% of whom state that they can take time off from work when they deem it necessary and 97% state that there is fair treatment, regardless of gender. The above would not be possible if the company did not have a strong culture of leadership and psychological safety. According to the results of the Great Place to Work assessment, 9 out of 10 employees report that management recognizes honest mistakes as part of the job, cares about them as people and not just as employees, and is accessible when they need them.

This recognition underlines the value that Printec places on the continuous improvement of its employees' experience. It is the result of a holistic effort to create and maintain an environment that constantly supports, recognizes and enhances the creativity of its employees.


Investing in wellbeing: the road to success: 

Printec's commitment to its employees goes beyond awards. We prioritize well-being through flexible working hours, additional paid leaves, and robust professional development programs, including platforms like LinkedIn Learning and EdApp. Our dedication to technology and sustainable development is showcased through a corporate innovation competition held biennially.

35 years of Printec: Creating the future together 

This year marks Printec's 35th successful year in Central and Eastern Europe. Throughout our journey, we've placed immense importance on cultivating a culture of team spirit. We celebrate milestones together, strengthen relationships through various programs, and provide ample opportunities for professional and interpersonal growth.

A message for Konstantina Dourou, HR Manager Greece & Cyprus

"We are proud to receive the Great Place to Work certification. This recognition is a tribute to our people. It fills us with joy and honor, reflecting our dedication to shaping a robust corporate culture. With an unwavering respect for our employees, we cultivate practices that encourage team spirit, open communication, individual freedom, and mental health. Our commitment is to maintain a climate of trust, fostering strong bonds that are vital for personal and professional growth."

At Printec, we're not just building a workplace; we're crafting an environment where every individual contributes to our shared success. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to grow, innovate, and celebrate the remarkable community we've built at Printec.  

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