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Unveiling innovative solutions at the “Supply Chain & Logistics Expo” in Athens

Oct 19, 2023 11:04:31 AM


Printec Group participated for the first time in the 9th Supply Chain & Logistics Expo in Athens from 30 September to 2 October, presenting innovative solutions that expand its portfolio of services to several industries.

With 300 exhibitors and more than 18,000 visitors, this expo is the only one in Greece, dedicated to the comprehensive field of supply chain and logistics, showcasing equipment, technologies, and services. Through its participation, Printec aimed to promote innovative solutions that touch upon the supply chain & and logistics (and not only) sector.  

Attendees had the chance to visit our booth, witness live demonstrations of our solutions, and engage in discussions with our team regarding the practical implementation of these solutions within their respective companies.

Robotic Sorting for Logistics and Courier service providers

Visitors had the chance to see a live demo of our robotic sorting system during the expo. Since 2021, we have introduced, in collaboration with LiBiao Robotics, a robotic sorting system to the market, improving the efficiency and quality of logistics operations with automated sorting solutions based on AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots). This alliance offers flexible and scalable sorting solutions with lower operating costs and high accuracy, serving customers in the fastest possible way with error-free processes. Already installed at ELTA & ELTA Courier and a major 3PL provider in the apparel-footwear sector, Libiao's sorting systems have proven their efficiency and durability in practice, while being ergonomic, with a smaller footprint and higher capacity, in comparison with other corresponding classification systems. This system is easily expandable and the technology is fully portable, meaning it can be easily uninstalled, moved and adapted to a new installation if necessary.



Click & Collect lockers to enhance last-mile deliveries

In addition, we showcased our Click & Collect lockers solution that offers flexibility and security in deliveries, as well as 24/7 service. At the same time, they reduce logistics costs and offer pickup services without human interaction with contactless deliveries, meeting all customer needs. Click & Collect lockers are located in easily accessible "pick up and go" locations for easier and faster customer service, they can also operate autonomously without the need for power and network provision through cable infrastructures. With their special software, they connect in a very simple way to the merchant's online ordering system, which in turn informs customers when orders are ready for pickup or further action is required. The offered lockers are the only ones on the market that offer the possibility of cooling and freezing products, bearing certification from the International Food Organization. They are also the only lockers on the market that carry UL security certification, to prevent vandalism attacks.


Digital Signage to promote advertising messages in stores

Our solution on digital signage was also presented during the expo; a solution enabling the promotion of advertising messages by transmitting audio and visual information to customers. In addition, they allow the provision of queue management services and customer satisfaction surveys. At the same time, they enable the central management of content, as well as the easy distribution of it en masse or individually per screen through standard signage screens of an independent manufacturer, as well as the use of touch screens to provide interactive content. Printec also provides installation, configuration, content distribution management and solution technical support services, offering a turn-key solution.




Electric car chargers with the possibility of paying by bank card

Last but not least, visitors had the chance to see in real life an EV charger at our booth! In collaboration with MC Chargers, the first Greek electric vehicle charger company, Printec introduced electric car chargers that allow payment via bank cards, strengthening the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the Greek market.



Remaining true to our commitment to continuous innovation in our products and services, this fair was a great opportunity to present to a wider audience our portfolio and solutions offerings. A portfolio that extends to the logistics sector, among others, and effectively addresses the demands of continuously changing markets.

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