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Printec cooperates with AB Vassilopoulos to develop rechargeable cards for in-store purchases

Jan 12, 2021 11:45:38 AM


Technology company Printec designed and implemented in collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos super markets a flexible payments solution for rechargeable cards. This solution allows organizations to offer to their employees or members either the ‘AB SHOPPING CARD’ for festive gifts and special rewards, or the ‘AB FOOD VOUCHERS’ card for continuous supply of food; depending on their needs at any given time. Both cards can be used at any store that belongs to AB's extensive network.

By selecting Printec’s solution for electronic payments with rechargeable cards, AB Vassilopoulos modernizes the paper ‘AB Gift Vouchers’ and ‘AB Food Vouchers’ and automates payments' management. At the same time, this solution improves customer experience, enabling customers to complete transactions easily and safely as the card can be used for the full or partial payment of the cardholder's purchases, while reducing significantly the company's environmental footprint.

Printec’s solution for rechargeable card payments is an end-to-end solution for transactions in all stores under the AB Vassilopoulos brand, with simplified management of customer accounts through the issuance of rechargeable cards.

All transactions are easy, fast and secure, while processing and reporting is done within seconds. For more than 30 years, leading companies have been consistently choosing Printec's solutions for transaction automation, improving end customer experience.

“We are extremely proud to expand our partnership with AB Vassilopoulos in the field of electronic payments through rechargeable cards, improving customer experience. Our goal is to always combine the latest technologies with our extensive experience in transaction automation and translate the unique needs of our customers into tailor made solutions", commented Mrs. Georgia Botsika, Cluster General Manager for Greece and Cyprus.

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