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ATMs network: how to improve its profitability by implementing contactless systems

Jun 19, 2018 1:19:27 PM

Digital transformation for ATMs network in the banking industry is always a challenging milestone. On the other hand, it’s also a vital step in any banking life to survive in this competitive market.

Do you want to know how to improve your bank’s ATMs network profitability by implementing contactless systems?

 CS_NLB_ContactlessATM-1We provide you a data-base example that will help you have a clear image on what does a strategic digital transformation mean for a bank: NLB Slovenia Case Study.

The prerequisite

NLB d.d. - the largest provider of banking services in Slovenia - understood that digital modernization is a “MUST HAVE” which should be achieved at the right time with a smart strategy. That’s why NLB’s experts made a step forward to digital journey by developing a new project in order to improve and modernize the existent Self Service Channels

The trigger

Over the past 5 years, the digitalization impact on the banks’ branches and ATMs was more obvious than ever  On the other hand, as a market leader, NLB is always looking for “the next big thing”, defining its position through a customer-centric approach.

Since introducing contactless on POS has been a great
success, ATMs were the next logical step for digitalization - a strategic investment that can both increase profitability and customer satisfaction and generate valuable ROI for banking digital services.

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The process

In order to develop this contactless system for ATMs network, NLB has been working together with Printec Slovenia and MasterCard. Close cooperation ensured that sales and development activities were coordinated to such extent that the processing center listened to Printec‘s suggestions for host implementation, thus enabling the certification of Kiosk II and Kiosk III contactless card readers with MasterCard.

“We are happy and proud that we, as the first bank in Slovenia and among the first in the world, introduced contactless ATMs. This enables contactless cash withdrawal and checking the balance, with the entry of PIN still being mandatory, regardless of the amount of withdrawal. The service can be done by our clients and the clients of other banks, and the transactions process is faster than with regular ATMs.”

The results

The data showed that this ATMs network project was also a great success by:

  • Providing unique customer experience: a contactless transaction can be completed up to 50 % faster than when using contact interface;
  • Increasing ATMs security: a contactless technology is more secure than contact interface;
  • Offering lower maintenance costs: a contactless transaction fees, are lower, hence lowering TCO for the bank.

Your solution

Do you know what type of benefits can contactless ATMs reading system provide to your banking company?

Ask for a 30-minute consultation with one of Printec’s experts to find out how to smartly invest in your next digital project!




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