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Printec Blog

Highlights from the “Let's Do E-commerce: Beyond Boundaries” Conference in Sarajevo

Streamlining processes with document management and e-signing for Sofiyska Voda in Bulgaria

Printec's presence at Technobank 2024: Elevating banking and payments innovation

35 Years Printec: Creating the future together

Printec Greece recognized as a Great Place To Work

Unveiling innovative solutions at the “Supply Chain & Logistics Expo” in Athens

Annual Sustainability Report 2022

4 reasons why you should upgrade to Siron Version 22 and take compliance to the next level

Share Label for Printec Greece: our journey towards a more inclusive work environment

Printec Albania enters a new era with its new offices in Tirana

Printec at Technobank 2023, payments conference in the SEE region

Trends & takeaways from the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin

Euroshop 2023 recap: Insights into the future of retail

Printec acquires majority stake in NeoInfo, the Croatian market leader for integrated business solutions

“Discover the potential of digital trust services” co-hosted event with Namirial

Printec and Worldline sign a strategic partnership for financial institutions and merchants

2022 wrap-up: Unlock our wins and highlights

Insights from Fintech Talents Festival 2022 in London

Printec joins forces with FIS to provide state-of-the-art technology for the payments ecosystem

Annual Sustainability Report 2021

Insights from Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference 2022

Modern age retail in search of the ultimate customer experience

Printec partners with Libiao to provide flexible and intelligent robot sorting solutions for logistics operators

Printec partners with Centerity to extend device and application visibility

What does the future hold for bank branches?

Printec launches its solution for automating payments and fleet card transactions at EKO Bulgaria

Holiday season spending: Facing the economic impact of the pandemic

Tech-driven health care: Is your organization ready?

ATM & POS landscape in 2020 in CEE

Printec installs SAP solutions as part of its digital transformation

Ukraine's new office: a move of change

Annual Sustainability Report 2020

Bring your retail business to the digital age

Cosmos Sport and Printec change the way we receive orders with Express Click & Collect 24/7

5 payments trends you need to know about

5 banking trends you need to know about

Reimagining self-service in banking: delivering a true personalized experience to digital-savvy customers through x-core

Retail trends to watch in 2021

Printec and Alpha Bank implement Instant Payments ensuring money transfer and availability in 0.7 seconds

Printec and Alpha Bank activate voice guidance on ATMs, improving accessibility for the visually impaired

Printec cooperates with AB Vassilopoulos to develop rechargeable cards for in-store purchases

EFT-POS & ATM Landscape in CEE

Hitting the milestone of servicing 100,000 POS terminals in Ukraine

Will banks still need branches in the post-pandemic era?

Spending for the holiday season during a pandemic can be tricky

Can the pandemic end queues once and for all?

How COVID-19 has changed customer behavior towards banks

Contactless payments have gone mainstream

Windows 10 migration: An opportunity or a threat for your ATMs?

Our way to a sustainable future

The challenge of digital onboarding

Shopping in a contactless world

Banking in time of COVID-19

Payments in time of COVID-19

Alpha Bank and Printec are launching the next generation EFT-POS terminals in the Romanian market

Supporting our community and employees in times of crisis

Identifying the positive impact of COVID-19 in organizations and society

Cleaning tips for your hardware

Automating cash handling – a trend on the rise

Insights from Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference

Wearable payments are taking over Europe

The liberation of payments in the modern digital age

Unwrap the holiday season

Insights from Web Summit

10 most recent statistics about modern payments

The 5 stages of loss: when Open Banking became a “thing”

We Care: our program for People, Society, and Environment

How we inspire collaboration, transparency and trust through our new offices in Athens

What do stores look like in the digital era?

How retail giant SPAR changed the checkout experience through technology

Do people see value in human contact anymore?

A brief history of the Payment Card Industry

The rise of digital payments and how they are changing the financial industry

Biometrics is not Sci-Fi anymore

Open Banking: another buzzword or a game-changer?

Understanding your customer journey through ATMs and POS touchpoints

Do we still need branches in the digital transformation era?

Neo and Challenger banks and the way they are changing the landscape

Future of Cash 2019 - A conference about Cash Cycles and Optimization

Omni-Channel Banking - The Key to Seamless Customer Experience

Top 5 Payment Technology Trends in 2019

Are card payments taking over cash? Take a look at what stats say

Why customers don’t explore all the benefits of your digital banking services

Digital transformation in banking: 7 things to consider prior to investing in "the next big thing"

The employees’ key-role in educating banking customers and promoting digital services

Retail banking customers: what are their real needs and expectations?

How to bank to Millennials

Bank innovation MUST integrate customer education. See how you can do that

SmartCard Conference 2018: the next big technologies impacting the financial market

How to achieve balance between efficiency, digitization and customer experience? [success stories from Raiffeisen Bank Serbia & NLB Slovenia]

ATMs security: Is ATMs contactless technology more secure and profitable than contact interface?

ATMs network: how to improve its profitability by implementing contactless systems

Digital banking: 6 steps to select a service that really works for your bank

Printec implements eSignature in major Greek banks

OTP banka Hrvatska and Splitska banka trust Printec with their ATM fleet support

Auro Domus and Printec work together on their ATM network

Raiffeisen Bank Croatia refreshes ATM fleet with Printec

Printec is the main EFT-POS solution provider of Sberbank

Top factors that influence ROI for banking digital services

Parking has never been so easy!

How banks have responded to the changing needs of their consumers and the economic forces in play

Predictions: Will banks’ branches and ATMs remain relevant in the digital age?

Quick, easy and secure! Contactless card payments with Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje and Printec

No need for a wallet: by Raiffeisen bank & Printec

Proud to receive recognition as "Committed to Excellence 2017"

We are proud winners of WITSA 2017 Global ICT Awards

Printec on cashless and paperless society @ Athens Science Festival

Printec is proud to receive the Ruban d' Honneur award

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